Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Reflections on Graduation Week

So I've had two graduations in the last two weeks:

Naomi had her graduation from Bryn Mawr a week and a half ago. They made a big deal out of it by turning it into an all-weekend thing. All her family came out from Michigan and I had a suite at a hotel nearby the college. Saturday was the convocation and garden party. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Sunday was the convocation. Again the weather was good, although it started to drizzle after the ceremony. The whole thing seemed a little familiar, like I had been there before. Oh yeah, I had been there before seven years earlier.

Spent quite a bit of time with her family. They seem pretty nice. Took her aunt and uncle to King of Prussia. Ah, consumerism. As I'm standing in "Organized Living" I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, an entire store dedicated to shelving and boxes to organize all the unnecessary crap you would buy in a mall."

Last Saturday we had a joint party at Jen's house for Lauren's graduation from Monmouth University and my birthday. Good fun was had by all. Barbeque, vollyball, lots of just sitting around on the patio socializing. We had about 25 people there in total. And can I just say, Jen rocks? Sure, I got nice clothes from Mom and Lauren, but Jen takes the cake. She got me my own "Darth Tater" (Mr. Potato head that looks like Darth Vader), as well as the first season of MacGyver on DVD. Very cool.

So I guess I should get to the "reflections" since that was the subject of this post. Graduations are fun. I think I've been to my last one at Bryn Mawr. On one hand, I can really feel the deja vu, and yet I recognized that this was my last time I would be setting foot on the Bryn Mawr campus.

Speaking of Bryn Mawr women, Carter called me out of the blue last night. I had not spoken to her since May Day. She's a strange one. Seems a bit depressed about not having broken into acting yet even though she's been in New York City for two years now. She was also sharing a bit of the trials and tribulations of online dating, which gave me some entertainment. Looking forward to it getting a little warmer so I can get into the city after work. Can't wait until they start doing the movies in Bryant Park.

Naomi is going to take the job in Baltimore. She accepted the position today. I have some mixed feelings on the matter, but I guess that's the subject for another post.