Monday, July 22, 2013

A brief update on life and things

Baby C.C. turned four months last week. She's getting so big. It's really quite amazing to look at pictures from April versus pictures from this week. Note to self: I've got a bunch of photos on the camera Victoria bought me for my birthday -- need to get them downloaded and posted on Facebook.

Victoria received her New York license to practice today. I'm so proud of her. It's the end of a very long road that started nearly seven years ago. We started dating shortly before she went away to grad school in Philadelphia.

Business is good. Busy, but good. Any Linux driver gurus out there looking to do some consulting? Let me know.

Suzy got married in Allaire State Park on Friday, so we took a three day weekend down at "the shore". I'm looking at these photos of me in a white tee shirt holding CC by the pool. Scary how much they remind me of similar photos of my father. It has been thirteen years this week since he died - so a bit of introspection on my part for the last few days.

More later...