Sunday, December 6, 2009

Its a mouth full of AWESOME!

Victoria came out to the City this weekend. On Friday night after work, we went and saw her mentor Katherine, who is going to be performing our wedding ceremony. Wow, I now have an appreciation for how much stuff variability the actual ceremony can have. Pacing, readings, vows, declarations of consent, language. Walked out with a ton of homework in terms of figuring out how we want this to go.

On Saturday, we had brunch at Tablespoon (sitting next to Lucy Liu), and then went down to Union Square and picked up Victoria's new glasses. Later that evening, Amy came over and we had Patsy's for dinner and chatted for most of the evening.

Today Victoria's aunt and grandmother came into the City. We showed them the apartment, got some lunch at Heartland Brewery, and went to the top of the Empire State Building. Despite my apartment being in the shadow of the building, I had not been to the top since 1998, and Victoria had never been at all. 15 miles of visibility, so we could see quite a bit. Will post some pictures I took later.

While staying with Victoria's aunt last weekend, we saw Jeff in a commercial. He's the one screaming "It's a mouth full of awesome!" at the end.

Too funny.