Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stuff and things and Stuff

Wow, time flies.

We moved to the Upper East Side last month. Still trying to get everything unpacked although making progress. Nice area, literally a block from Gracie Mansion. With the baby it's really nice having an apartment that actually has doors. I can now watch TV again without the closed captions!

Been working from the home office for the last couple of weeks since my business partner fell ill and I had to take over one of his projects. There just isn't enough space in my cubicle for the equipment required to juggle three projects at once.

Overall things have been very busy but good.

C.C. turned seven months a couple of weeks ago. She eats solid food now, is almost crawling, and has a much more evident personality. She now also sleeps through most of the night (until about 5am), which is a godsend after several months of colic followed by several more months of waking up every couple of hours.

More CC pictures on the Facebook album:

I've got a huge collection of photos in my camera, but I need to take some time and organize them all. All of the photos above are just from my phone. In the last few weeks we went apple picking in New Jersey, took CC to a community pumpkin picking in the nearby park, and last weekend spent Saturday at the Pumpkin Fest in Central Park. Tomorrow we're heading to New Jersey so CC can do her first trick-or-treating with Jayden and Lauren's kids.