Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun with Taxes!

After spending most of Sunday, as well as working late last night, I finally completed my taxes. Whew!

I've discovered it's bad to do all of the following in a single tax year:
  • Get married
  • Relocate to a different state (including tax-deductible moving expenses)
  • Operate two different home offices
  • Sublet an apartment in a Cooperative
  • Have tuition expenses
  • Change jobs (but not at the same time as relocating)
  • Have enough 1099 income to be deemed "self-employed"
  • Have not-reimbursed business expenses, including travel and asset depreciating equipment
  • Be enrolled in a managed fund with a high volume of stock transactions
  • Compensation via a not-tax-exempt federal grant
In the end, my return was something like 92 pages, which feels a bit longer than previous years... Repeat after me: "Audit risk."