Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Hi ho. Hi ho...

Yesterday was just another fun day at work. After having a Ken-free week, he is back now and I'm reminded of why I don't want to work here anymore. Things are progressing though and I'm trying to avoid his distractions.

Starting to feel a bit guilty over this whole thing with Paul. He's making tremendous progress with his side of the project, and I feel like my side is going nowhere. I get home after a ten hour day and just feel two braindead to do more work.

Marc dropped by last night unexpectedly. Went to the diner and got some dinner/coffee. Reminds me of how much I miss living in South Jersey.

... Which brings me to the phone call from Mom...

Apparently she and Cindi think they will need to sell Joe's house, and they want me to buy it. The price looks reasonable, but all the usual concerns apply: It's a committment. I would have to go back to a one hour commute to Netilla. If I end up doing this thing with Paul I'm all the way in South Jersey. If I want to get a job in NYC then I would be stuck with a house I own in Wall.

But there are some upsides too: Equity. Privacy. Living back in South Jersey near the friends/family. I could eventually put an addition on the place.

Anyway, need to think about it some more.

On a sidenote, Naomi said something kind of odd last night. She said she preferred me hanging out with Kyle over Marc. This is depsite the fact that Kyle is a woman (in particular an ex-girlfriend), because she thinks Marc is a bad influence on me. She cites the whole Canada incident as an example. Too funny.

Ok, off to work. Also need to find a tuxedo shop so I can get measured. Apparently the shop I went to on Saturday declared me to be seven feet tall and fat. Thanks to Dan for pointing this out after I sent him the measurements. Otherwise things could have been very interesting when I got to Altanta for the fitting.