Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Catching up.... Pat and Bill's departure...

Haven't updated the journal in a while. The week has been pretty busy, yet uneventful. Been continuing work on MemVidia. Bought Macromedia Flash on Saturday. It was $699, so this is the first case where I've put more than my time into this thing. It had better work out or else I'm out some real money.

Today was Patrick and Bill's last day at Netilla. We all went out to a bar for drinks and food after work. While they are both quite capable of being a pain in the ass, I have to admit that I will miss them. Of course, I should be able to find Patrick any night at Basil T's if I'm willing to drive down to Red Bank.

At dinner tonight, I was enlightened to the ongoing theory that for some reason Ken is always in the best mood on Thursday morning. It had everybody at the table wondering what happens to him on Wednesday night, and there was some suggestion of that being when he gets a weekly conjugal visit. I have to acknowledge that he has his good days and his bad, but I'm not sure it's so predictable.

Saw Kyle last night, and she was joking about keeping a little calendar to track Pete's mood. Each day she would draw a smiley face or sad face, etc. Perhaps I should start doing that with Ken so I can see if there is any trend. I wonder how that would look plotted out on an Excel spreadsheet.

Going to see Naomi this weekend. She's pretty busy, so I won't get out there until Saturday afternoon. She has a renaissance choir performance on Sunday, so I'm going to try to stay long enough to see it.

Ok, off to bed soon.