Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Tuesday morning

Weekend went well. Marc came out Friday night, locked his keys in his car, so the Friday night adventure was to drive down to South Jersey and get his keys. Met up with him, Richie, and Aggie the following morning for 7:30 breakfast. Then met up with Mom for coffee.

Spent the rest of Saturday in Pennsylvania with Naomi. We did a double date with Heather and her new significant other. Bertucci's, Cold Stone, movie.

Came back Sunday and worked on MemVidia. Slowly making progress.

Work is ok. Plugging along. Last night got the scrolling code to work for MemVidia, which is a big deal since I've been struggling with it for about a week. Should be able to get a prototype cleaned up this week for Paul to see.

Woke up from an odd dream this morning where I was in Germany with Mrs. Allgeyer, the German teacher from high school. The odd thing of course if that I never took German. In the dream I got lost, couldn't remember which bus I needed to take, what part of Berlin I was staying in, and which hotel I was staying in. Oh yeah, in my dream like in life, I didn't speak a word of German.

Ok, should probably get showered and off to work....