Monday, March 20, 2006

Cold and lonely

Worked from 10:00am to 11:15pm. Had trouble getting going this morning (think I'm getting sick). Felt like a zombie most of the morning and afternoon. At around 8:00, Cathryn had food delivered to the office from the Thai place I like, so at least I got some dinner.

Came home and watched the Colbert Report for the first time. Not a bad show. The new Sopranos episode from this week wasn't available via On Demand yet, or else I would have watched it. Need to reprogram Tivo to know about the new channels.

Naomi IM'd this afternoon to tell me she wasn't going to meet up with me this week. She said she didn't have any other reason to go into the City, and it wasn't worth the effort if I was the only person she was going to see. On one hand I can see the logic in her argument but I can't help but think about the countless trips I made to see her in Bryn Mawr, or Maryland, or New York, or Paris. And now I'm at a point where I haven't seen her in six months and I'm not worth the forty-five minute train ride. I can't really be mad at her -- this is just the way things are.

Eric is going on-site tomorrow. I made good progress on the software tonight. Have more bugs to iron out.

On the bright side, Spring is here and the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park opens tomorrow. Will be good to get a descent burger, and if the weather is good, to eat it in the park.

Speaking of getting sick, Benny left the office today at 1:30 because he felt sick.

I need a day off. I only have a few days left before I don't have any choice but to take one. Aunt Cindy would call it a "mental health day".