Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back from California

Team California

(L-R Me, Matt, Jason, Shamoun)

Took the redeye back to JFK. Got back home by 7am, and crashed until almost noon. Went into the office and helped Dan debug the remaining issues that we had to demo this afternoon.

Met up with Vikki and we had some dinner at French Roast. Then we went over to 55th and 8th to meet up with Patrick and Karen at a Karaoke bar. But they threw us out because all of us weren't willing to buy alcohol. Quite rude. We ended up at a lounge next door. Got some drinks. Vikki and Karen discussed graduate school while Patrick and I talked about the x86 model for paging and segmentation.

I'm still tired and jetlagged. I was originally planning on going to South Jersey on Sunday for a barbecue at Richie and Aggie's (it's Memorial Day weekend), but I don't think I will be able to go down there because we have to deliver an appliance on Tuesday and it has to actually work.