Tuesday, May 23, 2006

California Day 1: Getting there...

Got into Oakland last night. The flight wasn't bad. Turns up Jet Blue has 36 channels of Direct TV, so naturally I spent it watching reruns of Stargate SG1 for four hours.

Shamoun rented a 'big honkin SUV'. It's the cheapest car they offered. Could be because California has the highest gas prices in the country.

After getting checked in the hotel, we had to go find some dinner. We went to six different places before we found a Chili's, which wasn't closed at 10:00.

Got a descent night's sleep. It's now 6:30am local time (9:30 EDT). Have to check in with the office and see if everything is kosher and if there are any last minute gotchas I should be aware of. They were there at 3am last night still working on it, so I hope everything is in good shape.

Found a flyer in my hotel that said "Batman Begins" is on HBO in May. I found this a bit funny, since I had wanted to see it and I actually have HBO in my apartment in New York City.

Have to iron my clothes now. It got me thinking about this time that I was at my father's on the weekend and he let me go on the bumper cars in the Palace. I got graphite all over my white sneakers. I remember how panicked I was at having gotten myself dirty and what my mother would say, so he had to find some white shoe polish to attempt to rectify the problem.

On the bright side, Matt rigged up his laptop in wireless peer mode, so I can get wireless Internet access from the comfort of my bed.