Saturday, May 6, 2006


Had a good day today. Spent the afternoon with Vikki. Had a really good dinner at a place called Arte Pasta in the Village.

Came home. Talked to Kyle for a couple of hours. Watched a bit of TV.

Worked on getting my computer working. I copied the Suse ISO from Jim a couple of weeks ago, and I bought a few dual layer DVDs last week, and I only today tried to burn the DVD. Of course it didn't work. Google revealed that others with the same problems had to update their firmware. To make matters worse, the NEC firmware upgrade tool is only for Windows (and I actually don't have a Windows PC at home). Fortunately I'm not the first person to have this sort of problem and some clever chap wrote a tool to do the firmware upgrades from Linux.

Have a busy few weeks coming up. Work is having an outing on Thursday to play pool. Makes me glad I brought my cue back from Jersey. Supposed to meet up with Kyle on Saturday for lunch. The following Thursday is Vikki's graduation. And she and I are going down to Jersey that Saturday to celebrate my birthday with the family. This is all on top of the things going on at work (all of which are REALLY good but keeping me very busy).

DVD burning now done. Off to install Suse onto the PC...