Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Yesterday was pretty nice. Got absolutely nothing done at work (meetings all day). But I did get to meet up with Vikki and her friend Michelle and get some Mexican food. A bit pricey and not the best Mexican, but it was still nice to go out. Afterwards we went back to Vikki's and played Scrabble. I lost. I would include the scores so I don't sound like a hippocrite who only puts up the scores when I win, but I don't remember what they were (I lost by twenty or so points).

Got some more work done today though. The pressure is on pretty hard to deliver and Shamoun is applying same. Feeling reasonably comfortable though that we will have it wrapped up by the end of the week if I push Tim and Jim.

Vikki and I got Indian food from Whole Foods tonight. Going to be early.