Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Dan, Joe, and I went to Atlantic City Saturday afternoon. I lost $112.00. Dan and Joe both walked away ahead by a couple of hundred. Dan says I'm just bad luck since the whole thing went downhill the moment I sat down at the table.

Spent the day Sunday with the family. Took Mom and Lauren to Ruby Tuesday's in the mall so Suzy could wait on us. Yardwork. Changed Lauren's flat tire.

Been doing more planning for upcoming releases. Wrote a doc on how to build/compile our software. Wrote another doc on how to use Bugzilla.

Found a neat flag in ps for all you multithreaded Linux C/C++ programmers:

Ever been on a 2.6 kernel and seen that a particular multithreaded application is burning 100% of the CPU, but you can't correlate the ps output with the gdb thread list so you can see which thread is spinning? Well,

ps -eLf

gives you the LWP id number for each thread that is the same number that GDB shows in the thread stack.

Have to do a bunch of paperwork tonight. Pay bills, go through mail, etc. Need to book tickets for Italy tonight too.