Sunday, July 16, 2006


Had a good weekend. Saturday, came down to NJ. Vikki and I had lunch with her grandmother, then went to Paul's barbeque. Was good to catch up a bit with Paul, Alex, and Ken R. Afterwards met up with Vikki's friends Vanessa and her boyfriend for dinner in Hazlet. Went to Point Pleasant for the first time this year. Bought some new clothes and sneakers.

Today had breakfast with Lauren and Julie. Lunch with Marc and Bonnie (who I found out last night are now engaged). Yes, friends and family, my cousin Marc is engaged. Crap I'm getting old.

Will get some work done this afternoon. Vikki is going to meet me back in NYC tonight.

I've been on-call 24/7 since Wednesday, and so far not a single call. This is a very good thing. On the upside, the company issued laptop has Verizon wireless, so I am writing this entry from the train on the way back to the city. Pretty neat.