Thursday, September 7, 2006


If asked who I felt were the most influential individuals were in my life when I was young, I would have a pretty short list:

1. My father
2. Charles Wissler
3. Charles Gimbel (my high school Chemistry teacher)

These are the people who gave me my work ethic, who motivated me to work hard. These are the people who taught me to pay attention to details -- to have extrodinarily high standards for quality. Though not intentionally, they also taught me that it was ok to be a nerd.

I have not spoken to Mr. Gimbel since 2004, and stumbled across a couple of his letters last night when doing some cleaning. Figured I would see what he is up to, so I did a quick Google.

Found some tax records from Brevard county where he listed as a self-employed Internet Marketing Consultant. Now I myself know a thing or two about the Internet, so I figured I would dig a little deeper. I found this:

I'm speechless.

Here is my mentor putting himself out there as an Internet Marketing Consultant, with a three page website that was built with the website builder that come with GoDaddy Hosting.