Friday, October 27, 2006

Solaris and ACE

Started work on Solaris codebase cleanup. Still at the office. Made a few fun discoveries:

  • ACE 5.5.3 (the latest beta) doesn't compile on Solaris 9
  • ACE 5.5.2 doesn't compile on Solaris 9
  • ACE 5.5 (stable) doesn't compile on Solaris 9
  • ACE 5.4.7 (the version we use on Linux/Win32) doesn't compile on Solaris 9
  • Ran across the ACE scoreboard, and found out that their quality seems to suck and nobody is maintaining what look like critical errors
  • A ten-way Sun server isn't very useful if the CPUs are only 300 MHz each and you're not willing to trust that parallel make works on the ACE codebase

It looks like perhaps it is because we are compiling with inlining disabled, so I'm now trying to compile with it enabled (which I believe is the default). This might explain why their scoreboard indicates that it compiles without errors on Solaris 9.

On one hand, it might be useful if the company allocated hardware to contribute to the ACE community's nightly build regression test. On the other hand, it doesn't look like anybody actually fixes the critical failures reported so why bother?

It looks like the leaks I fixed yesterday with BoundsChecker for Win32 uncovered some nasty bugs in the Linux build, which is generally a good thing. Go daily regression test!