Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fun with MythTV

Still waiting for the video card for my MythTV setup. FIgured I would get everything else working so I would be able to just drop in the card and go.

What a pain in the ass.

Turns up the widescreen monitor is a weird resolution and isn't recognized by the KnoppMyth distribution I was using. And it didn't fail gracefully, it just put the monitor in an "screen doesn't support resolution" error. Hacked at the XF86Config file and got it working. Found out that because I didn't have the PC plugged into the ethernet when I installed the distribution, that half the installation process didn't get run (failing silently but telling me the installation was complete). This left me debugging various problems with the configuration as to why I couldn't get sources configured and why the card wasn't setup to do DHCP. Once I discovered this I reinstalled the whole thing and found a bunch of new configuration menus to choose from.

Things got better from there. It recognized my Hauppauge PVR-150 card and already had the firmware in the distro. The remote also worked out of the box. Gained access to program guide info configured from Data Direct

... and when I hit the "Watch TV" button, I get a picture.

... and then I hit the "Program Guide" button and MythTV segfaults from a double-free error.

Building from source now. My hope is that once I can get a debug build and see a backtrace, I can either quickly fix the problem or understand what is causing it well enough to work around it.