Sunday, November 5, 2006

Stupid computers

Spent the weekend with Vikki in Philadelphia, which was nice.

Worked on my MythTV setup a bit tonight. Despite tearing my apartment apart, I couldn't find my old ATI video card with PC2TV, so I'm going to have to buy one (the cheapest card I can find with TV-out). NewEgg has a GeForce 5200 card for $34.00 + 5.00 S&H. It's not alot of money, but I was annoyed that I wasn't able to build the whole thing just with crap from around my apartment. Also annoying is the fact that my sve year old TV has a composite only video input (no S-video), or else I could have saved ten bucks and bought the $25.00 card.

Will ask around the office tomorrow and see if anyone has an old card lying around they are looking to part with.