Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things continue...

Met up with Kyle in the city on Saturday, which was nice. Lunch in Madison Square Park. Was good to catch up.

Spent the rest of Memorial Day Weekend in Philly. Got caught up on Linux Journal. Watched This Film is not yet Rated with Vikki. Was interesting to see the process behind who decides what makes a movie rated "R" versus "PG-13". What criteria are they using? Why is panel of judges a secret?

Continued to play with my ATSC receiver under MythTV tonight. I got the video working and was receiving crystal clear 1920x1080 HD video, except the installation of the DVB drivers seems to have caused all audio to stop working. If I unplug the USB device and reboot, the audio comes back. Updated to the development version of the driver and now the Linux kernel panics on boot, regardless of whether the device is attached. Very annoying since I'm not equipped to debug the problem (no kgdb setup, no LILO configured with fallback kernel).

I would hate to have to re-install KnoppMyth in order to get back to a known state, but that might just be the fastest/easiest way given I hadn't done any customization or had any actual data on the system. If I'm going to do that though I'm going to break down and setup a real debug environment instead of squinting to try to decipher 800x600 text on an eight year old television. I guess it's about time.