Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fun fun fun

Had another fun long day at the office (8am-8pm) since the computer room temperature alarm got me out of bed at 7:35 am. Spent the bulk of the day ironing out issues with the ActiveState Perl debugger stub. For some reason $SIG{ALRM} doesn't behave consistently in my embedded Perl (resulting in my process exiting arbitrarily).

Bought a book on XUL programming tonight. Wrote a "Hello World" extension to Komodo. Looking at the DOM model to see what will be necessary to start exposing more info in their debugger user interface. In particular since my application has an emphasis on remote debugging of multiple sessions simultaneously, it would be good if there was a tab that showed the properties of all the debug sessions in progress. Pretty neat stuff.

Since Komodo itself is written in almost entirely JavaScript, I can see the vast majority of the source code. Certainly helps with extending it, since all I have to do is look at the source. Just had to unpack the jar file and there was all the XUL and JS files.

Writing Komodo Extensions:

Komodo Extensions Forum with lots of useful discussion and examples: