Sunday, July 1, 2007

Weekend roundup

I was specifically instructed to not do any work this weekend. So what better to do than build an old fashion fort in my living room?

Went to the movies on Saturday and saw Sicko. Pretty depressing. It was especially fun to see the looks on the faces of the Canadians, French, and British patients when he asked them how much they paid for their hospital visits (ranging from confused looks to laughter).

Also, per recommendations over Friday lunch a few weeks, I rented Pan's Labyrinth and watched it Friday night. It wasn't bad.

Spent the afternoon today lounging on the grass in Washington Square Park. Played some scrabble with Vikki, listened to the live music in the background.

Took a stroll through Staples by Astor Place and found a bunch of closeout items. They had a 52x CD-ROM drive for $5.99, a Sony CD-RW for $14.99, a Maxtor 80 GB portable USB hard drive for $69.00. Picked up a 512MB SD flash card for $14.99. Also walked through CompUSA and found Trendnet PCI and USB 802.11g cards for $24.99 not including a $20.00 rebate. Five bucks for a wireless card is pretty damn good (I don't need the latest newfangled 802.11n support).

Going to see if I can get Linux running on my HP Ipaq HX-4700 handheld. It's a couple of years old but it looks like it's actively supported and I like the idea of a Linux handheld that has 802.11 and Bluetooth support. All sorts of possibilities for wireless sniffing projects.

Also need to book my trip to Las Vegas in August for DEFCON 15.