Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brick Township 3rd Safest city in the country

This is kind of contrary to my experiences living in Brick, but apparently it's the third safest city in the country:

Played with MythTV yesterday. Got my Windows XP system running and was able to successfully capture traffic off the USB bus from my Hauppauge HVR-950. Also got my Nintendo emulator running under Ubuntu. Discovered that the open source NV driver REALLY sucks at OpenGL. The X11 process was burning 100%+ of the CPU. Installing the binary driver brought it down to 4%.

Had dinner with Victoria last night at Vegetarian Paradise 2 down in the Village. Had the best chicken fingers and french fries ever (it was soy chicken). Ate the leftovers today for lunch. Yummy.

We went to the Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond today [beware the beyond!], and I picked up some shelves for my closet. Wohoo. Met up with Leah and Brad for Indian food tonight, and played some Sequence for the first time in quite a while.