Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years weekend

Have another four day weekend.

Spent the bulk of yesterday disassembling the Hauppauge HVR-950 embda.sys driver so I could extract the xc3028 firmware images for the v4l project. They have the code to load the firmware, but there isn't a legal channel to redistribute the firmware itself, so it has to be extracted from the Hauppauge driver by the user. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning and the mailing list had an announcement that Mauro had done the same thing and released a script that does the extaction. Doh!

Also installed Ubuntu onto Dan's old computer after replacing the BIOS battery and turned it into a 300GB file server which I will put in my closet and will host all my files. This should eliminate some of the hesitation I have to rebuild my desktop workstation, knowing that all of my files are on a central server. Also found out that apparently in order to mount remote NFS shares with a Mac, you have to set the "insecure" option on the NFS server in the /etc/exports file for the mount point in question.

Played with Rhythmbox on my Ubuntu box, and was surprised to find that it was showing cover art for the songs on my iPod. Ben had mentioned that iTunes supports this. It turns out though that RhythmBox gets the cover art from, and doesn't support the ID3 tag (which I assume is how iTunes puts the cover art into the songs). Might be fun to code up an extension to Rhythmbox to add said support (as if I don't have enough projects already though).

Vikki and I are debating going to the zoo today. We spent this morning sitting in her car doing the New York Times crossword puzzle waiting for alternate side parking to end.