Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Anybody need a kitty?

Vikki found a cat, and she's looking for a good home for her.

Here's her description. If anybody is looking for a cat, or know of someone who might be interested, please send me an email.

I found this cat in north east Philly on Sunday. It's a pretty bad neighborhood, and the cat was about to run into a busy street when I found her. She didn't have any tags.

This cat is a female and short haired with pretty tortoise-shell coloring. She is on the petite side. She's a littled banged up right now, with patches of fur missing, but came right up to me when I called her and let me pet her and handle her right away. She's very docile and sweet as far as cats go in general, never mind street cats. The vet was only able to roughly estimate her age at 5 years old, but she may be a bit younger.

This cat was obviously someone's pet at one point or another, since she is so domesticated, but has been neglected for some time now. When she was at the vet, they found she was dangerously constipated from eating tin foil and had to preform a procedure to resolve this. She tested negative for Feline AIDS and Leukemia, and was given a medication to rid her of any possible fleas. The vet reassured me that with a good diet and a clean, indoor environment, her hair will grow back. I did not think to ask if she is spayed or not, but I will cover the cost to fix the animal if she isn't.

We are looking for a loving, indoor home for this cat. I know she will make a great pet; I would keep her myself if space allowed. I have been calling her "Sweetie" because of her great disposition...