Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday weekend

Victoria and I celebrated my birthday this weekend (since it's in the middle of next week).

On Saturday, she took me to see Rent on Broadway and we had a nice dinner.

After my ranting last month about the notion of paying $3.99 for a piece of paper and an envelope, Victoria made me a card for my birthday:

To hell with Hallmark.

She also got me a Tux Droid, a new tea kettle, and a tiny RC helicopter which today we proceeded to take turns flying around the apartment.

Had some problems with the Tux Droid because I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 last week and the Tux Droid software has some issues with Ubuntu's changes to Python and udev. I pretty much got them straightened out last night though, and starting to think about ways I can integrate it with my MythTV.

Ah, the power of open source. Broken software? Just download the source code and fix it!

I started looking at writing a routine that would detect a instantaneous 40% increase in the light sensor between 6:30 and 9:00pm (indicating i had turned on the light when I came home), and would start announcing what new things MythTV recorded since last night.