Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wii fun

Went to a Saturday matinee and saw Wall-E. Cute movie. I'm sure my nephew will enjoy it when it comes out on DVD (he loves Cars).

Throwing caution to the wind, Victoria convinced me on Saturday night to pick up a Nintendo Wii. I haven't owned a game console since the first 8-bit Nintendo (circa 1986). They've come quite a long way.

Man, it's tiring. And my shoulder is sore from virtual baseball. WTF? A sports injury from a video game?

Look how close to the television Victoria is in the picture above playing Wii Boxing. Is it any wonder that when they first came out people broke their TV's with the remote? I have to wonder whether the thick rubber padded jacket that wraps around the remote was there when they first released the Wii, or whether they added it when too many people whacked the person they were playing with (I almost did this several times playing Wii tennis).

Also, I've been watching the first season of The Incredible Hulk on NetFlix (1977). In the last episode I watched, David Banner turns into the hulk out of frustration when stuck in New York City traffic. I can certainly sympathize.

Oh, and if anybody is wondering, I've owned the Wii for 24 hours now, and have not taken it apart yet. That's like a new record for me.