Monday, August 25, 2008

Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro 801e Works!

Isolated the final problems with my Linux driver for the Pinnacle 801e. Cleaned up the changes and submitted the patch to Mauro for kernel inclusion.

In the end, I found a bug in xc5000 tuner driver which caused i2c failures to drop silently, a bug in dib0700's i2c implementation that took i2c reads and treated them as writes, I implemented a new i2c API for v1.20 of the Dibcom firmware, and extended the driver to disable master mode at capture startup to work properly with the s5h1411 demodulator.

Not bad for what totaled up to be six or seven night's work over three weeks. Let's just say that's WAY faster than my HVR-950 support.

The only downside is I managed to get everything working before I had a chance to take Steven Toth's suggestion and build my own i2c bus analyzer out of an old printer cable and two diodes.

ATSC seems to be working great. No other dib0700 devices support analog, so this will likely require some infrastructure changes. Part of me wonders whether anybody even cares about analog support. Most people are buying these new devices to take advantage of ATSC or else they would still be using their old capture devices.

On a separate note, I ordered the fiberscope today I need to inspect the ductwork in my building. Will hopefully get to the bottom of the ventilation problem and my bathroom vent will start working.