Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Too much to do, too little time

I've been a bit busy lately...

  • The hard drive in my MacBook decided it no longer deserved to live. Ordered a replacement on NewEgg tonight for $65.00. Fortunately I backed everything up a couple of weeks ago before installing Leopard.
  • I *almost* got the Linux driver working for my Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro USB stick, except the xc5000 is either stuck in reset or not answering i2c commands for some other unknown reason.
  • I'm not making any progress in updating my em28xx driver to power down the tuner when idle (been too busy to work on it)
  • My Kaffeine ATSC closed captioning support is working except for some timing bug that only occasionally renders the CC in the wrong order (like once every ten or fifteen seconds)
  • I suspect there's a thermal problem with the ATI TV Wonder 600 support I added a couple of weeks ago to be pushed upstream to the Linux kernel. I need to get it isolated before the kernel goes out (Tonight I ordered one of the devices so I can debug the issue).
  • I haven't really even *started* the work for Kaffeine's ATSC program guide support
  • Did I mention I have to pay my taxes before I go off to Bermuda on Saturday? And no, I'm not trying to evade extradition or anything...