Monday, August 18, 2008


So my efforts to setup VirtualBox on my MacBook were going great until I actually tried capturing off my USB device. Apparently VirtualBox's USB support isn't really designed to handle a 20Mbps datastream (although they claim USB 2.0 support).

It figures though that I don't figure this out until I spent the time to install VirtualBox, download/install Ubuntu 8.04, download/install KDE4, download/install all the updates, build V4L from source, build Kaffeine 0.87 from source, and then I was able to attempt a ATSC scan.


Oh, and water is pouring out of my air conditioner onto my hardwood floor. I guess the condensation pan filled up. I wiped up the mess and put a plastic garbage can under the A/C to catch the water.

Went to my CoOp board meeting tonight after work.