Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Had a three day weekend. Here's the roundup:

Friday night in Philly to meet Victoria.
Saturday morning, we drove to New Jersey
Saturday afternoon with Lauren/Greg/Amelia
Saturday evening with Jen/Jon/Jayden/Suzy
Sunday morning breakfast with Richie/Aggie/Marc/Bonnie/Chrissy/Grandma
Sunday morning with Grandma
Sunday afternoon with Mom
Sunday evening with Victoria's family
Monday morning fixed Victoria's Aunt's computer
Monday afternoon back here in New York City.

TODO for tonight:
  • Get caught up on email
  • Create final i2c dib0700 patch to send to Patrick Boettcher for commit
  • Test to see if Ubuntu actually did fix their ALSA build system
  • Apply for a KDE SVN account
  • Start work for ATSC extended names support for Kaffeine4
  • Eat ice cream