Sunday, November 23, 2008

End of the weekend...

Had a nice weekend. Victoria's sister and sister's boyfriend came out to the City on Friday night. Had a nice dinner. Yesterday was pretty quiet. Took Victoria's laptop to the Apple Store while she went and saw her friend in Brooklyn. We stayed in and made dinner (tomato soup and salad).

Today, we played some Scrabble. Took it easy most of the day. After Victoria left I went out to mkrufky's house and tried to debug the xc5000 problems he reported. He's merging my series of cleanups and performance improvements, and it looks like there was a merge bug in addition to uncovering a bug in the cx88's state machine that resulted in a race condition.

I guess I should have known that doing proper power management would uncover all sorts of fun bugs in surrounding drivers.

My backlog of em28xx stuff is growing as people have been reporting their problems and sending me debugging information. I really need to get that situation under control. Also continuing to do cleanup and fix bugs with Mauro and Douglas, which is pretty time consuming.