Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Kaffeine debugging

Did some more debugging of the ATSC quality problems in Kaffeine. I did find a bug where we were supposedly sending the modified PAT/PMT entries every 0.5 seconds and there was a race where it wouldn't always happen (sometimes for tens of seconds at a time). This could explain some of the audio dropout problems, but we will see...

It looks like the issues in particular occur when there is a weak signal and lock is being lost temporarily. There is some sort of bug where when lock comes back Kaffeine doesn't recover properly. I have been simulating this by continuously unplugging/replugging the antenna while viewing live TV, but in my case it's actually a little harder than I would like since I get a 20 dB signal without the antenna plugged in.

Got caught up on the last couple of weeks worth of House, thanks to Dan who gave me the Tivo recordings.

No word back from the user with the ADS Tech Instant TV USB, so that is going to have to wait for now. This is the annoying part of remote debugging, since if I had the hardware I would have just done what I needed to and would have had the device support committed by now.