Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Spent Thanksgiving in New Jersey. Had dinner at Mom's and then spent the rest of the weekend at Victoria's aunt's house. On Sunday we had our engagement party so the immediate families could meet for the first time. Lots of food. Fun was had by all.

I brought the Wii to her family's house, and they really got into it. I came home from shopping to find her aunt, uncle, and 82-year-old grandmother playing Wii bowling.

Ran into Rob Emanuele and his fiance Hillary on Saturday afternoon at a bakery in Brick. Very strange. He lives in Spokane, I live in New York City. Neither of us spend any real time in Brick, and I hadn't seen or spoken to him since 2002.

The Best Buy in Brick had the Pinnacle 80e mispriced and was selling it for $59.99 (it's normally $129.00). They even had an open box for $106.00. Hmmm.... An open box for $106, or a brand new unit for $60: I wonder which is the better deal...

Wow, I feel like crap. Stomach ache.... Going to bed early tonight.