Sunday, February 22, 2009


With the HVR-950q analog code now available for download, I reached out to the various mailing lists to solicit testers. I also did a search through the mailing list history and sent out emails to everybody who had specifically asked about support over the last eighteen months.

So far, the results are generally positive. Two people reported it was working, one is reporting a crash which I am investigating, and one pointed out that I haven't put in the hardware profile for the HVR-850 yet so he couldn't test.

Mike and Hans also did some code review and provided a series of comments over irc on #v4l, which I need to incorporate (nothing difficult though).

With this project getting wrapped up, I'm starting to think about what to work on next. I've been considering something from the following list (in no particular order):
  • Analog support for the Pinnacle 801e/801eSE (which shouldn't be *too* hard since I've got analog fresh in my mind)
  • Finish the analog support for the Pinnacle Ultimate (even though the digital side is looking less hopeful from an NDA perspective)
  • QAM scanning support for Kaffeine
  • Fix the ATSC video rendering problem for Kaffeine
  • Make ATSC scanning work for Me TV
  • Finish the ATSC closed captioning support for Xine/Kaffeine
  • Come up with a good solution for audio in TvTime
  • Finish debugging the URB problem with Paul's LinuxStamp
  • Wrap up support for a couple of the analog-only em28xx devices I have kicking around