Tuesday, March 3, 2009

950q subdev conversion

Spent most of last night working on the only real remaining issue before the 950q support can be merged - conversion to the v4l2_device/subdev framework. While the au8522 demod driver is already converted, I still had to do the au0828 bridge, which is proving to be quite a challenge. Because I don't have any other devices configured that use the framework, it's a bit troublesome to compare the behavior of the subdev registration process. Perhaps I will get my HVR-1600 installed, so I can see how the cx88 driver behaves.

I'm going to have to litter the i2c core with some debugging so I can figure out why the device registration is failing.

If any of the 950q analog testers are reading this, feel free to update to the latest tree and let me know if you see any issues:


(this includes the i2c enumeration fix from a couple of nights ago)