Sunday, March 22, 2009

HVR-950q frame droppage and other stuff going on...

Spent the weekend in Philadelphia with Victoria.

Robert Krakora was nice enough to show me a test case where mplayer had issues with the analog video constantly slowing down and speeding up. Turns up there is a pretty serious bug in the isoc handling code which is causing entire fields to get dropped. Ugh. That's going to be a pain to nail down (I already spent two hours on it Saturday).

Trying to get some consensus on how SNR should be represented in the kernel interface, so that applications can reliably show the information without the format varying from device-to-device. Hearing lots of different views, and I'm hopeful that this issue can finally be put to rest this week.

Issued a pull for a few miscellaneous fixes tonight that have been queuing up:

The xc5000 stuff is continuing to move along in the background. I will hopefully have more to say about it later this week.