Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend in Philly

Spent the weekend in Philadelphia. Spent Saturday afternoon in a coffeehouse doing some driver work. On Saturday night, Victoria and I went out for Thai food with Jamie/Jeremy, Nicole/Dave, and Annie/Frank. Then spent the rest of the evening at a bar around the corner from her place. Got home about 11:30pm (yes, that's quite late for me).

Woke up this morning feeling really sick with a stomach bug. Spent the day with Victoria nursing me back to health by making me toast and tea while we watched Golden Girls and Robot Chicken on DVD. Caught the 6:00pm bus back to the City.

I still feel pretty run down, between this morning and still trying to get over the sinus infection that caused me to miss work on Monday and Tuesday. Ugh.

We've got a wedding to go to next Saturday in Reading, Pennsylvania, so I need to buy a new suit this week. I haven't bought a new suit since 2000 and since I've lost five inches off my waist it seems like it is probably about time.