Saturday, October 13, 2012

Maui Babymoon

Victoria and I returned today from our "babymoon" in Maui. For those of you perhaps not familiar, this is essentially the last vacation we get to spend alone before we spend the next eighteen years on "family vacations". :-)

She's at 20 weeks now, so just crossed the "halfway point" for the pregnancy. That's late enough to call it a babymoon, but early enough that she's still able to do stuff like snorkel and take hikes around the island without being miserable.

I had never been to Maui before, and it is quite beautiful. It's amazing how peaceful and quiet the island is. We did see quite a bit though. Here are the highlights:
  • Toured around Lahaina
  • Saw the Iao Needle
  • Drove about 1/3 of the Road to Hana (saw the Twin Falls)
  • Took a submarine tour of a local reef
  • Snorkeling around Black Rock (we stayed at the Sheraton where Black Rock was located, so it was easy to just wake up and drag the snorkeling gear that we own down to the beach)
  • Attended a luau
  • Went to the top of the Haleakalā Volcano
  • Lots of relaxation
There was even a hammock on the lawn right outside our room, so it was very easy to lounge about and read, etc.

The photos can be found here:

In short, a great vacation. We got a free room upgrade, so we had a full view of the ocean.

As is the case whenever I travel, I'm all jet-lagged, which is why I'm writing this at 2:30am instead of sleeping soundly.