Thursday, February 9, 2006

Manager Build on Suse 64 bit LInux - Check

So I locked myself in the computer room today and did the Suse port today of the Manager. Dmanager, GUI, Postgres, Apache, Authorization, all working. Amazing how much I can get done when nobody is bothering me. Just need to tweak the packaging a little and I should have builds now that work on both Red Hat and Suse 9.

Saw Vikki tonight. Went to the same Pizza place in the Village that I went to with Patrick and the guys from Opsware a couple of months ago (a coincidence). If there were any doubts about whether this was going to grow to more than a platonic relationship, well there aren't any now. She got back together with her boyfriend, and spent a good portion of the evening telling me all about the last few days they have spent together. Of course I'm happy for her, but admittedly a bit saddened to know for sure that there's no chance for us. It would have been nice -- we seem to be in sync on such a wide range of views on religion, politics, life and relationships. Plus she's so damn cute.

Tomorrow is Friday. Thank goodness. Perhaps I will go down to Jersey this weekend. Haven't decided yet.