Friday, February 3, 2006

More adventures with Yahoo Geocities

So Yahoo Geocities got back to me today. They said they are working on the problem. I have gotten an email from them almost every day this week, so I am somewhat optimistic that they will actually fix the problem.

Also discovered something wonderful. I frequently debug multithreaded core dumps, and up to this point never could figure out how to dump the stack trace for all running threads in gdb. Well, I was reading about debugging Evolution (the mail client, not the alternative to intelligent design). And I found the following:


thread apply all bt

This command will do a backtrace on all threads. Wohoo!

I knew all along there must be a way to do it.

Isolated my problem with getting SLES9-SP3 to build on my Opteron platforms. It was something non-obvious, and I wish they would have pointed it out in the Release notes.

Also did more project scheduling for the CS project. For the first time ever, Dan and I left and Benny and Naoum were the only two people left in the office. Very strange.

Oh yeah, on Wednesday Vikki said she would call tonight and didn't. :-(

Off to watch Numbers now.