Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Happy Conductor

Spent the weekend at Mom's house. Played Sequence and Uno. Visited Jen and Jon (Jen is now VERY pregnant). Had dinner tonight with Marc and Gerry. Installed a new handrail on the stairs to the second floor.

No work tomorrow, but I should probably go in anyway. This thing I am working on is getting installed at the customer site on Wednesday. Should really do more testing and work out the glitches.

So I was coming back on the subway, and I think I have come across the happiest conductor/announcer on the subway I had ever heard. At each stop from where I got on at 34th street and where I got off, the announcer not only said the station name, but also gave some piece of random trivia about the station. I'm used to the Ben Stein style of monotone announcement, whereas with this guy it would be like "Now arriving at Queens plaza, which I am proud to announce is wheelchair accessible. This station connects to ...."

It was good to see the family. I had only been down there once since Christmas.