Saturday, February 25, 2006

Work (again)

Spent the day back on Wall Street (yes, it is Saturday). Because the Manhattan-bound R line was shutdown at Steinway Street, I had to take an R in the opposite direction to Roosevelt Avenue. Then I took the E to 51st street. Then I took the 6 to 42nd street. Finally I took the 4 to Wall Street. What a pain in the neck.

Worked until 5:30. Went to Barnes and Noble. Then got dinner at Cosi. Walked around in Union Square. Came home and watched Great Expectations.

Been trying to figure out how to fix the CSS problem with my livejournal. This is why the calendar is at the bottom of the page instead of to the right. I don't have any custom CSS, so this is a bug in a default Livejournal theme. Looking at the support site, it looks like some other people have noticed it too. Filed a support request last week, but so far all I got back was a stock response saying the issue had been escalated. I'm too lazy to just debug the CSS myself.

Will have to work tomorrow as well. I tested the Oracle 10g reconcile function and found numerous bugs. For example, it destroys the wrong database! I told it to destroy database 2 and it destroyed database 1. Good thing this is just my test environment, or else I would be really pissed if I were the client. Most of the other bugs look pretty shallow, but it means I have to retest tomorrow. When did I become a system tester again? Sent them some patches for the easy stuff.

Speaking of System Test, I should really get in touch with Marty and see how life goes with him. I've been wanting to invite him to hang out in the city but work has been pretty crazy and I just haven't found the time.