Friday, March 17, 2006

Strange dreams..

So I woke up from this dream....

I walk into my 4th period gifted Algebra class. I sit down and a three page test is handed out. I look at the test, and realize that it is on a topic I have never seen before. I think to myself, "did I miss a day of class or something? Did I forget to do last night's homework?" So I start taking the test with my only guide being the use deductive logic. I get about half way through the test, and the teacher comes around and asks how I am doing. For once I confess that I have never even seen the material before and I have been slacking off in class therefore I'm going to fail the test. She replies, "Yes, you would think it's a test I would give to my statistics class or something?"

At this point, the teacher makes the observation to me that nobody in the class knows the material. It's a test she plans to give to another class, and she wanted us to review the test for errors in conjunction with the statistics textbook she conveniently provided on everybody's desk. I now look around and notice that everybody else is looking up the answers using the textbook.

So what is the moral of the story? Hmmm... Perhaps it's that I'm all about doing things the hard way until somebody points out that I'm allowed to just do it the easy way. The application of brute force to a problem is not always the proper solution.