Sunday, April 30, 2006


Got off to a late start today. Didn't get to the office until noon. Worked until 4:00. Think I pretty much wrapped up the Perl library work. Still have to do some packaging for the library code.

Met up with Vikki after work. Spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing in Union Square Park. Went to French Roast for dinner.

Came home, watched West Wing and Grey's Anatomy.

A fun article on how Richard Stallman (the founder of the Free Software Foundation and the author of Emacs) almost got himself arrested:

Protest against ATI nearly led to the arrest of RMS

Noticed that the front page of was covering yesterday's anti-war protest in NYC. Funny, since Vikki and I were coming out of the subway station just as it was ending. I am always kind of amazed when I see New York make national headlines. It was such a rare thing when I lived in New Jersey to look at the front page of CNN and be able to say, "that's right next door to my office".