Saturday, June 3, 2006


Been a pretty easy week. Since the major projects slowed down I have been able to do some design work. No work this weekend, and Shamoun gave the development group off next Thursday and Friday. July 3rd too.

Was at the office last night diagnosing why I couldn't get my Linux box to print to our Canon ImageRunner 2230 copier. Think I figured out the problem, but now I have to just work through modifying the Linux driver. Had a moment of panic where I thought I broke the Active Directory since I couldn't ping the server. Turns up as a coincidence the PDU for the rack had failed just when I was doing the testing.

Subways were all screwed up because of the rain last night, the R was completely shutdown. People in the diner this morning were saying it took them three and a half hours to get home (I just took the N so I was ok).

Did some cleaning this morning. Went to PC Richards and scoped out air conditioners. Picked up a new aerator for the bathroom sink. Supposed to get together with Vikki later this afternoon.

Need to do planning this weekend for Italy vacation.