Friday, July 28, 2006


Work has been pretty good lately. Got my project under control and moving on to the next cool thing. Wrote a pretty neat mechanism for finding dead PHP code. It involves a modified version of the PHP language parser that reports all the declared functions/methods and corresponding calls. Much better than my first rev, which was just a bunch of grep/sed routines. The key value in the new model is that it can find dead code even in cases where there are two objects with the same method name where one of the objects has a method that is never called (the grep model wasn't smart enough to identify the owning class).

Last night Vikki took me to Caravan of Dreams on 6th and 1st Avenue. Had a pretty good Tofu and Pesto sandwich. Then we came back and watched Super Size Me, something which I had wanted to see for a while and Tivo'd a few days ago.

Shamoun got me all jazzed about breaking out my Lego Mindstorms and building something. Have not played with them for a few years, so it will be cool to get them rolling again. Suggestions welcome.

Today is Friday, which is nice since it means company lunch.