Saturday, March 24, 2007

Productive morning

So far been a pretty productive day. Opened a new bank account at Commerce so I wouldn't feel guilty bringing my $572.66 worth of unrolled change there. Dropped some stuff off at the new apartment. Browsed some of the local computer shops in midtown (DataVision, CompUsa). Took a stroll through the New York Public Library three blocks from my apartment. At work now trying to get caught up on some stuff I fell behind on during the week.

Vikki is on her way to New York. Dinner at Veselkas! Wohoo!

The Shake Shack opened this week and was on the front page of New York CitySearch

This is the first year that I wasn't excited about it opening since I'm a vegetarian now and the idea of a burger joint opening for the season, well, you get the idea.... However:

Vegetarians can get greasy, too. The tasty 'shroom burger's portobello patty is muenster-stuffed and deep-fried.

Been reading up on the Intel SSE3 instruction set. Hoping to do some hand-optimized assembly for the MythTV deinterlace filters. They suck up so much CPU time it's ridiculous.