Thursday, May 10, 2007

What sort of problems might you hit with mod_perl?

I asked a perl developer job candidate what might be the downside of moving an existing Perl CGI script to run under mod_perl. Here is what I got back:

I was giving some thought to the mod_Perl question you asked - specifically, given a choice between mod_CGI and mod_Perl, which would I choose? These are only guesses, but if the page tends to be static but served frequently, then CGI might be a better choice since the browser can cache it - i.e. put the burden on the client rather than server. Also, infrequently served pages may be better candidates for CGI. Lastly, I'm not exactly sure how mod_Perl modules are added to Apache, but if it involves restarting the server, this might be a consideration as well.

Yes, for those of you who are not Perl developers, this this utter jibberish.

The irony is that he emailed me this a few hours after the interview, supposedly in an attempt to redeem himself from the even more ridiculous answer he gave when I talked to him. Don't you think it might have made sense to use "the Internet" to lookup the answer?