Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday talks

What sort of talks does defcon have? Here are some of the talks I attended on Friday:

Q&A with Bruce Schneier - went to a really good talk given by the guy who wrote Applied Cryptography. He's kind of idolized in the hacker community. For some insights as to what he has done, check out this link:

No really, click on the link, it's hilarious.

ZPhone - Philip Zimmerman - a really cool tool by the guy who invented PGP that allows you to encrypt VOIP calls with unmodified clients. So I can now do voice conferencing with iChat and feel secure that nobody is listening!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Police Procedure in 50 minutes - a talk given by a lawyer on police procedure relating to powers of arrest, miranda, and searches. Questions from the audience were along the lines of "If I rig up my door so that if it gets kicked in then my hard drive will automatically be wiped, does that constitute destruction of evidence??

Tactical Exploitation - a really good article that discusses the various ways to compromise networks without detection - it's the notion of the sniper rifle compared to carpet bombing. The demo'd a really awesome exploit too on Windows XP workstations. I should try that on Monday and see if I can snag Ben's credentials. Just kidding, Ben... Or am I????

The real fun starts today though.